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Recreating the Classroom Experience with 3D Printing

From the Printware Blog on Friday 29th April 2016

The 3D printer market has grown strongly and matured quickly since the first commercial units hit the market. Some valuable insights have been gained into how 3D printers are being used today, and depending on the industry and application, this post could stretch on and on. In the interests of brevity we’ll focus primarily on the education sector.

Robox 3D Printer in a Classroom

Currently, 3D printers are almost exclusively used in design & technology (D&T) departments in secondary schools because they’re naturally a great fit for the subject, inspiring young people to think creatively and to break down the barriers between design and manufacture. The best results are realised by D&T teachers with the confidence to use new systems to combine elements of science, technology, engineering and maths in their lessons.

As awareness of the technology develops, 3D printers are sure to spread to other departments. For example, in geography and history classes 3D maps can be created and historical artefacts realised to give an additional visual and tactile dimension to the learning experience.

Robox, manufacturers of 3D Printing systems, work with the James Dyson Foundation to promote STEM in schools and have supported the successful integration of 3D printers into curricula to enhance teaching in these subjects. 3D Printers are increasingly being seen not only as a valuable learning tool, but as a means of tackling the challenge of engaging students with STEM subjects.

Robox is proving successful in schools, partly due to being the safest option for use around children. It is currently the only desktop 3D printer with an interlocking safety door. Also, the units’ cost-effectiveness, both in terms of initial investment and ongoing material costs, plays a critical role in making it a feasible option for schools considering such an investment in building their 3D printing capacity.

As schools decide how best to spend their overall budgets, the ownership costs of any new technology over its lifetime should be considered carefully. Even if a school were to use only three 3D printers (some schools are using as many as 10), it would stand to make significant savings with Robox to the tune of £thousands while also benefiting from the platform’s enhanced safety features, accessibility and professional quality.


Visit our product page to learn more about the Robox 3D Printer, including its SafeLock mechanism and shatter resistant, interlocking safety door.


This is based on an article originally published on the Robox website. Click here to read Robox's blog.

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