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HP Print @ Your Service - Q&A

From the Printware Blog on Friday 16th June 2017 in Managed Print, News

HP Print @ Your Service is a new print subscription service that puts the power of leasing at the disposal of small businesses. For a fixed monthly fee, users receive a new printer, a defined monthly page plan, automatic supply replenishment, onsite servicing and even a warranty. Think of it as working in a very similar way to a contract lease for a top-of-the-range car; where your petrol was included and they filled up the tank for you!

HP Print at Your Service

We had lots of questions about the new HP P@Ys so we grabbed a minute with an HP product specialist who was happy to answer them. We’ve put some of the answers we found of most interest below so that you can benefit from them too:

How does HP Print @ Your Service work?

When you sign up for an HP Print @ Your Service plan, you pay a monthly fee for a new HP printer, next business day onsite service and enough ink or toner to print a defined number of pages per month. The plans are based on the number of pages that you print, not on how many ink or toner cartridges you use. Your monthly fee pays for use of the printer, next business day onsite service and ink or toner including shipping. If you do not print all of your plan pages in a month, you can roll over unused pages for up to one year. If you print more pages than your monthly page amount and have no roll over pages to use, you will be billed in 100 page increments (at the same cost per page as your current plan).

What if I print less than my plan?

If you do not use all your plan pages in a month, the unused pages will be kept in your account as rollover pages.

Is installation support available?

Yes, we can provide remote installation support. A phone number is provided in your welcome kit to request this from the Print @ Your Service Call Centre.

How does the user obtain their supplies?

HP will send you replacement cartridges before you run out of ink or toner. Your Print @ Your Service printer is connected to your office network and the HP Service Print Management Device is connected to the internet so that your printer can automatically order ink or toner when it falls below a set level.

How long will it take for supplies to arrive?

Your printer will take shipping time and regular ink or toner usage into account when it orders your cartridges. Cartridges are sent using standard shipping and should be received within 48 hours of shipment.

Customers that anticipate a period of high print volumes can call the HP Print @ Your Service Call Centre at any time to request additional cartridges.

What happens at the end of my Print @ Your Service plan?

Your Print @ Your Service Plan will automatically renew on the annual renewal date unless adjusted or cancelled by you. Auto-renewal occurs for a maximum of 5 years unless cancelled by you.

At the end of 5 years, you can keep the printer or hand it back and start with a new printer.

Who sets up the HP Print Management Device?

When the device arrives at your office, you simply plug the power cord into a power outlet and plug the Ethernet cable into your office network. The device will automatically start up and begin reading your printer page count and ink or toner levels. No additional setup or configuration is required by you or your resellers.

What kind of service is included in my Print @ Your Service plan?

Your plan includes next business day onsite response. Service features include onsite hardware support by a trained HP print technician, maintenance kits, replacement parts and materials plus remote installation support as needed.

Print @ Your Service Banner

Click on P@YS page to find out more and see the devices Print @ Your Service is currently available on.

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