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OKI Printers Rise to the Healthcare Challenge

From the Printware Blog on Monday 19th June 2017 in Printing Technology

In healthcare environments such as hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and medical centres, document management requirements are demanding, and challenges are mounting. There is more pressure than ever for providers to deliver quality care while ensuring patient safety and improving operations. All of this needs to be delivered as efficiently as possible despite prevalent funding cuts and the increasing pressure to ‘do more with less’.

Healthcare Document Management Challenges

Some key challenges for the healthcare industry:

  • The recent ransomware scandal has highlighted the need for secure systems and patient data. Preserving the privacy of sensitive information is crucial.
  • Lengthy administration processes slow down medical test turnarounds and thus add time and cost to the process and cause uncertainty to patients.
  • Poor quality medical imaging can impact on the clinicians’ ability to make the right diagnosis with certainty, creating delays.
  • In multi-faceted medical collaborations, it is critical that IT solutions are likewise collaborative. Those that are not can have a negative effect on healthcare delivery.

The OKI Solutions


OKI’s latest MFPs have inbuilt security features to protect sensitive patient information. This includes an Encrypted Secure Print function for protected printing and user access authentication that requires a user to verify a job belongs to them at the printer before it will start. Together, these measures ensure top levels of document confidentiality.

OKI Secure for Healthcare

Time Efficiency

By placing the initiative back in the patients’ hands, time can be saved and accuracy increased in medical test result retrieval. Usually receptionists must carry out a long-winded administrative process, taking patients’ identification numbers, searching databases, then printing the results.

Placing an OKI smart MFP in the waiting area allows patients to use their ID details to print their own results. Providing this service saves time and frees up time for receptionists. It also empowers patients and gives them the sense of greater control over their healthcare.

Exceptional Print Quality

Known for fantastic clarity and high resolutions, OKI printers can provide fantastic benefits in the healthcare industry when crystal clear scan outputs are required. However, this counts for nothing as standard Postscript printers need to be connected to a DICOM print server. This will often slow down or block medical equipment.

OKI circumvent this by embedding DICOM intelligence within their printers, avoiding the headaches that come from requiring additional hardware or support. As such OKI printers can provide superior ‘near’ diagnostic image quality. With DMe (DICOM Enhanced) best ever x-ray / ultrasound mono printing combined with lower cost of ownership.

Solutions that allow collaboration

Providers can create patient-centric records while preserving departmental workflow. OKI DICOM embedded printers fully support the digitisation from physical scans to picture archiving and communications system (PACS). This means that scans can be shared among colleagues instantaneously, easing collaboration even in international teams.

OKI Collaborative for Healthcare

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