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Unusual Installation

From the Printware Blog on Monday 16th March 2009 in News, Fun Stuff

How do you get a Xerox DC250, high capacity feeder and professional finisher into a Grade 2 listed building?

Through the first floor window of course!

A "routine" installation took one of our engineers to a design agency based in Tavistock, Devon. After moving to new premises, they made the decision to invest in the Xerox Docucolor 250, professional finisher and high capacity feeder. It became apparent that the device would not fit through the doors of the customers premises. As the final location for the machine was on the first floor, it quickly became obvious that the only way this was going to happen was through the first floor window.

So with the help of a carpenter and a crane, that’s what we did!

After removing the finisher and capacity tray, we then made the machine as small as possible by removing as much as we could. The touch screen was removed, wheels, trays and anything else in an attempt to make the device as small and light as possible.

It was then laid on a pallet, carefully wrapped and hoisted into the air. Amazingly, with only about an inch to spare either side, it went through the window and onto the first floor. Then the finisher went in, and finally the high capacity tray. Unbelievably, the first part of the battle was won, and the machine was in!

As the carpenter set to work putting the window back together, the task of putting the machine back together began. Apart from some slight superficial damage to the machine and window ledge all was looking good, and after an hour, the moment of truth arrived – time to flick the power switch.

A final check around the machine, and the power was switched on. Happily, the machine started up with out any problems, and the first print out was perfect! Yet another excellent installation from Printware!

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