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HP Boldly Goes with the Enterprise

From the Printware Blog on Tuesday 6th October 2009 in New Products

HP has launched its new mid-range mono laser printer, the Laserjet Enterprise P3015, which is available now. The forty page per minute device is designed for small departments of 8-10 users, with the emphasis on speed, quality and security. In fact, security is very much the focus of HP’s efforts, with the P3015 aimed at IT and departmental managers of security conscious organisations.

The DN and X versions of the machine support IPv4 and IPv6 protocols and ISPec encryption, which allow fast and secure encryption and authentication across the network. Further network control is possible using the 802.1X software, which allows hardware devices to be authenticated prior to accessing the network. In a nutshell, this means that documents can be sent securely across a network and can only be accessed by the intended recipient. It also means that unauthorised devices can be denied access to the network, further reducing the chances of a confidential document from being intercepted. Confidential print jobs can be stored then retrieved by entering a PIN via the menu and key pad and there is the option of adding a hard drive for longer term storage, or for larger files.

All very exciting no doubt, but what about the rest? The P3015 is faster, cheaper to run and comes with a bigger memory than the P3005 which it is replacing but also comes with a much heftier price tag. Given the differences between the two, it’s fair to say that the P3015 is more of an upgrade from the P3005 than a replacement. The P3015 features a 128MB memory, 500 sheet tray, duplex unit as standard, Postscript 3 emulation and Gigabit networking (on the dn and x versions), which means that it should be perfectly capable of servicing the small, busy workgroups it’s been designed for.

Probable competitors to the P3015 include the Xerox Phaser 3600, Lexmark T650, Samsung ML-4551 and Oki B6500; perhaps unsurprisingly the HP doesn’t score brilliantly on running costs against these rivals, while it sits squarely in the middle in terms of purchase price. Potential buyers are unlikely to put off, though, by paying a few pounds more for their printer or a penny a page more to run it. There is an old saying in IT that “no-one ever got sacked for buying IBM” and the same is true of HP in the printer world.

The P3015 will do well because it’s an HP printer but is it any good? It’s early days and the feedback so far is limited but, much as we take great delight in pointing out faults when we find them, we haven’t come across any so far.

by Anthony Morgan

Posted in New Products

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