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Find Out if Your Printer Will Work With Windows 7

From the Printware Blog on Friday 30th October 2009 in Software, Consumer Advice

With Windows 7 now available many consumers will be thinking of upgrading their operating system and, for those thinking about purchasing a new PC, Windows 7 will more than likely come as part of the package. Upgrading your hardware and/ or operating system can be a big, and costly, decision and one key factor for many users will be whether their current peripherals will be compatible with the new system.

The last thing you want if you’ve just upgraded your system is to find that the expensive, business critical printer you bought six months ago no longer talks to your system or has reduced functionality. Most new printers will be compatible with Windows 7 but, with many organisations and individuals still keeping a close eye on their finances, upgrading hardware, software and peripherals in one go won’t be an option.

So, if you’re thinking of upgrading to Windows 7, how can you be sure that your printer will still work without finding out the hard way? The easiest way is to visit the Printer Drivers page on the Printware website and click on the relevant manufacturer’s logo. This will take you to the download and drivers section of the manufacturer’s website; you simply select your printer model and operating system, then download the software you need, if it’s available.

HP has made the process even simpler, especially if you have multiple devices – the HP & Windows 7 page lists all the devices for which Windows 7 support is currently available, by product group. It also shows which printers are supported by the Windows 7 operating system, which ones have drivers available through Microsoft Windows Update and which have drivers available from HP. The distinction is important as the drivers within Windows 7 are only basic drivers and will offer limited functionality; Windows Update drivers require the user to opt in to updates from Windows and an internet connection, whereas the HP drivers will only require you to have an internet connection (and to visit the HP website of course).

Working out whether you can use your existing printer with Windows 7 should be fairly straightforward but our fully trained team of experts will be pleased to help with any queries you may have. If you’re buying a new printer, we’ll also talk to you about the best solution to meet your requirements, taking into account your existing hardware, operating system and business needs.

by Anthony Morgan

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