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Being Green Might Not be Easy but Being Blue is Harder

From the Printware Blog on Friday 27th November 2009 in Environment

Going green doesn’t just make environmental sense, it’s also good business, which is why companies are falling over themselves to tout their green credentials these days.

Lexmark is busy telling the world about the eleven Blue Angel certificates awarded to devices in its X65 mono MFP range. This gives Lexmark a total of 39 Blue Angel certificates, more than any other company – a fact of which Lexmark is justifiably proud.

Update - check out Lexmark's current range of colour and mono printers here

It sounds pretty impressive but what does it mean exactly? The Blue Angel is the world’s oldest environmental certification, established in 1978, and is awarded to companies in recognition of their commitment to environmental protection. The scheme is voluntary but is widely recognized as the benchmark for environmentally friendly products and services worldwide.

What this all means far as printers are concerned is that the devices in question must meet strict guidelines for emissions, noise and energy consumption. Furthermore, the machine should be recyclable and capable of printing on recycled paper, high end devices should have a duplex unit and the manufacturer must operate a recycling scheme for consumables.

Although they might be leading the way in terms of numbers, Lexmark is by no means the only manufacturer to carry the Blue Angel and you can see the full list of Blue Angel Certified Printers here.

The other certification you may see associated with printers is Energy Star which, as the name suggests, is awarded to energy efficient products. Unlike Blue Angel, there is no requirement for the product to be recyclable or produce low emissions; it must simply be designed for minimal power consumption. So, if going green is a major concern for you, keep an eye out for the Angel.

by Anthony Morgan

Posted in Environment

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