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New HP Photosmart Lets You Print from your iPhone PDA or PS3

From the Printware Blog on Friday 27th November 2009 in New Products, Printing Technology, Software

Hewlett-Packard, amongst others, has been on a mission to make printing more fun and the Photosmart Premium C309G All-in-One takes things a stage further.

It almost goes without saying that the Photosmart Premium comes with wireless connectivity as standard and allows you to print directly from your iPhone, using the iPrint Photo app. In addition, you can upload to and print from Snapfish.com from the TouchSmart screen, which also allows you to view, edit and print photos from a memory card, so you don’t even need to turn on your PC. You can also print directly to the Photosmart if you have a Bluetooth enabled phone or PDA and, of course, you can print from your PS3 if the game you’re playing supports wireless printing. Exactly how this will work is unclear at the moment but we will definitely bring you more information on this as we get it. Finally, if you fancy doing something really radical, you can stick a wire in the back and print via the Ethernet connection.

HP’s Smart Web Printing feature means that you can combine content from several web pages and print it on to a single sheet, saving paper and making it easier to print from the web. On the subject of saving paper, automatic duplexing comes as standard and, if you’re worried about saving energy too, the Photosmart Premium is Energy Star compliant.

As well as all the clever stuff, the Photosmart Premium also does the slightly more mundane, but equally important, tasks of scanning and copying. All in all, it adds up to a pretty impressive package and not bad value either – at just under £200 inc. VAT there are plenty of more expensive machines that don’t look half as good.

by Anthony Morgan

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