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Worlds First Zero Ink 6x4 Photo Printer Announced

From the Printware Blog on Tuesday 15th December 2009 in Printing Technology, Fun Stuff

The world’s first zero ink 6in x 4in photo printer has been jointly announced by Pandigital and ZINK. Pandigital is a California based company specializing in “digital entertainment products" while ZINK has developed patented Zero Ink Printing Technology. ZINK paper is made from an advanced composite material which is embedded with magenta, yellow and cyan dye crystals. ZINK enabled devices use heat to activate and colourise the dye crystals, resulting in quick and easy prints which can be produced from a portable device.

The Pandigital Portable Photo Printer will be the first device in the world to use the new ZINK technology and will be available for limited release in late 2009, with full release planned for early 2010.

Detailed specifications are not currently available but the Portable Photo Printer features an LCD screen and intuitive user interface for previewing and printing photos at the touch of a button. Photos can be printed directly from a memory card slot, which means that that Portable Photo Printer doesn’t need the intervention of a PC, making it truly portable.

The fact that today's busy consumers want to more thoroughly and simply enjoy their digital images is the cornerstone of Pandigital's success in the digital photo frame industry. Our new Pandigital Portable Photo Printer is the perfect complement to our award-winning lines of digital photo frames and PhotoLink scanners, as they give consumers an additional way to enjoy their digital images and treasured memories.

And ZINK is the only technology that allows us to completely eliminate the hassle, cost, mess and waste of ink cartridges while instantly delivering a high-quality beautiful 4x6-inch photo.

said Dean Finnegan, CEO and founder, Pandigital.

Pricing information is yet to be confirmed but the Portable Photo Printer looks set to sell for about $150 in the U.S. Once we have more definite information on UK pricing and a release date, we'll be sure to let you know.

by Anthony Morgan

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