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New Software Shows How To Save Money and Print Greener

From the Printware Blog on Tuesday 8th November 2011 in Software, Environment

GreentPrint Technologies has released a public beta version of its new software, which it hopes will revolutionise the way we used networked printers. (In case you're wondering, 'public beta' means that the software has completed the first development stage and the software company has made it freely available for users to test so it can be refined and tweaked before full release udpate - the GreenPrint software is no longer in Beta testing and is available to purchase). GreenPrint Advisor designates all printers on a network as 'red', 'yellow' or 'green', according to their cost effectiveness or efficiency. When a user sends a job to a red or yellow printer, GreenPrint Advisor will suggest an alternative green printer if there is one available. The user then has the option to switch to the green printer or continue with the device originally selected.

GreenPrint Advisor is designed to work with GreenPrint Analytics software, which tracks print volumes and costs. The data from Analytics is fed into Advisor and used to determine which category each machine falls into. The colour coding can be generated automatically or customised by IT administrators, who can also attach customised costs-per-page to each printer. 

If successful, GreenPrint Advisor could substantially reduce costs and improve efficiency for organisations using networked devices. Users wishing to lower costs and reduce wastage even further can take advantage of GreenPrint’s preView+ software, which eliminates unnecessary pages, images and text and prints selected pages in greyscale, rather than colour. It also shows the print costs for each job and provides detailed reports to track costs and show the savings made.

With companies under increasing pressure to maximise productivity, cut costs and minimise environmental impact, the market for software packages like GreenPrint Advisor is definitely out there and growing. The potential savings are huge and, surely, it's only a matter of time before we start seeing more products like this hitting the shelves (so to speak).

by Anthony Morgan

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