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Cool Earth Says Thank You To Printware And Its Customers

From the Printware Blog on Friday 9th December 2011 in Environment, Charity

In our recent article Printware Customers Help Save 41 Acres of Rain Forest with Cool Earth we discussed the work that Cool Earth, supported by Printware, is doing in the South American rain forest. Here, we look more closely at where the money we have donated has been used and how we have directly helped to build a better future for the rain forest, its plants, animals and people.

The total area of rain forest purchased directly by Printware has now risen to 42 acres, locking in 10,790 tonnes of C02 and safeguarding 9,711 trees. These trees are now protected and not a single one of them has been lost to logging. Furthermore, Printware's contribution has helped to protect 17 endangered species. Think about that for a moment; in years to come when you’re watching a documentary about the Amazon and they’re showing previously endangered animals that are now thriving, you can look back and say 'I helped to save that' – what an incredible feeling!

All this is just the tip of the iceberg, as Printware has helped Cool Earth to secure a total of 200,000 acres of rainforest, which locks in 52 million tonnes of CO2 and forms a protective barrier shielding a further 2.5 millions acres. That’s 2.5 million acres of forest that can't be cut down by loggers and an incredible 650 million tonnes of CO2 that's staying where it belongs. As if that wasn't enough, the money donated to the Ashaninka project has enabled Cool Earth to build three new schools from scratch and provide a further seven with teaching materials. Three medical clinics have also been set up, providing vital health care facilities to the people of the Cutivereni, Parijaro and Camatavishi communities and Cool Earth has funded emergency medical evacuations in the area, saving a total of six lives.

Cool Earth's Ashaninka project, supported by Printware, is directed towards providing a future for the rain forest people by ensuring that they can live sustainably in the forest. The recently established Cuti-Chocolate Co-operative means that they can do just that and get a fair price for their cacao beans at the same time. As a result of the project's success, many more communities have asked to form partnerships, which will greatly increase the amount of rain forest which can be protected.

Matthew Owen, Director of Cool Earth, was full of praise for the contribution made by Printware and its customers:

...we wanted to thank you for all your support with a small reminder of the huge things that Printware has achieved in the rainforest this year. I've just got back from Peru and was really struck by how obvious the impact of your support is. The communities that Cool Earth works alongside are the only ones in this part of the Amazon to have no logging. They are also healthier, have more profitable co-operatives and, perhaps most importantly, really are in control of their future and their forest. As a result, we have thirty new communities asking to form partnerships with us next year that will triple the size of the protective shield. As one of our key corporate supporters, this is in huge part down to you.

Once again, we'd like to re-iterate how proud we are to be part of such a crucial and successful project and would like to thank you, our customers, for helping to make it such a success. 

by Anthony Morgan

Posted in Environment, Charity

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