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Rainforest Rescue With Cool Earth and Printware

From the Printware Blog on Wednesday 18th January 2012 in Environment, Charity

To date, Cool Earth has protected an incredible 215,000 acres of rain forest in Peru and Ecuador – an area larger than New York City and 7.5 times the size of Manchester! This figure becomes even more impressive when you realise that these acres are strategically placed and protecting another 250 million acres – that's roughly four times the size of the U.K. - from deforestation. The area of rain forest purchased by Cool Earth and its partners locks in nearly 56 million tonnes of CO2, which is almost  the same amount that the population of London emits in a year.

The people who live in the rain forest, such as those in Camatavishi, Peru, have joined forces with Cool Earth to prevent illegal loggers from cutting down their trees. Once the trees have been felled, the loggers create tracks, then build roads which makes it easier for them to cut down trees deeper in the forest. By forming a partnership with Cool Earth, the rain forest people are helping to create a protective shield around vulnerable areas of the forest and can earn a sustainable living without having to rely on cash payments from the loggers. Cool Earth also helps the rain forest people to develop facilities and build schools in their communities. One such facility which has benefited the rain forest community is a fish farm. Despite the abundance of wildlife in the forest, river pollution meant that children were suffering from malnutrition but the fish farm now provides a much-needed source of protein and a source of income as families are able to sell some of the fish.

In total, 23 communities have been given basic supplies, such as cooking pots, tools, blankets and mosquito nets, all of which give the communities a greater degree of self-sufficiency. Cool Earth has also helped to provide clean, safe drinking water to 300 people, significantly reducing the risk of disease and improving the quality of life for people who no longer have to walk for hours to fetch water.

Cool Earth is planning to provide clean, safe drinking water to even more people in 2012 and there are plenty more rain forest acres still to protect. The achievements so far are just the beginning and there are many more projects in place to help preserve the rain forest and improve conditions for its people and wildlife. The No Fun Being Extinct campaign set up by Cool Earth aims to release reserves of cash from the World Bank to be used for rain forest conservation and Cool Earth Coffee is helping to provide Ashaninka coffee growers with a sustainable income whilst protecting rain forest trees.

Printware has been donating £1 to Cool Earth for every printer sold since July 2011 and is looking forward to continuing its partnership with Cool Earth in 2012. We will, of course, be keeping you up to date with our progress over the coming months so you can see how the contributions you make are helping to protect the rain forest. If you’d like to find out more about Cool Earth, or get involved directly, please click here

by Anthony Morgan

Posted in Environment, Charity

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