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Switch To Epson and Save Save Save!

From the Printware Blog on 27th April 2017

When compared with equivalent laser printers, Epson business inkjet printers can save power consumption by 96%. It sounds far-fetched, but when you look under the bonnet to discover the ingenuity of the Epson system, it becomes not just feasible but self-evident that making the switch to an Epson business inkjet printer, will save energy. All this, and you don't even have to make a trade-off on speed or quality.


Epson: At the Core of Print Precision

From the Printware Blog on 19th April 2017 in Printing Technology

With new, forward-thinking technology ranges such as RIPS, Workforce and Paperlab, Epson clearly do not just pay lip service to the term ‘innovation’. In fact if anyone is likely to 'change the game' in the print industry, it is them. Yet of all their advanced technologies, the biggest strategic investment they have made - in their history - is in PrecisionCore. So what is this, and why are they so excited about it?


Epson and the Way of Sho Sho Sei

From the Printware Blog on 10th April 2017

Epson have a rich heritage of creating leading products such as the miniature digital printer, the 3LCD Projector and more recently, Precisioncore printers that lead the way in printing quality and speed. This is no coincidence. For at the heart of Epson is a way of working that continually emphasises innovation.


Have You Left a Security Weak Spot?

From the Printware Blog on 5th April 2017 in Security

Many offices, even those that have a significant focus on security, may potentially have a glaring blindspot that is vulnerable to attack. They may even be providing malicious individuals with an entry-point to their whole network. For, while each point in the network will be fully secured against all kinds of malicious activity, some devices can be overlooked and left exposed: Their printers.

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