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OKI White Toner LED Printers

From the Printware Blog on 16th July 2013 in Printing Technology

Creating unique and memorable design means having the freedom to go wherever your creativity takes you. There’s nothing more frustrating than being held back by technology or lack of budget, so OKI’s new white toner LED printers will come as welcome news to anyone trying to create stunning designs with limited resources.


The Rise of BYOD

From the Printware Blog on 1st July 2013 in Printing Technology

BYOD is set to transform the way we do business and revolutionise workplace practices. If you’re not already familiar with BYOD, the chances are that you soon will be. It stands for Bring Your Own Device and refers to the growing practice of employees using personal computing devices at work. 60% of companies say that most of their employees now bring their own devices - is your business ready?


Understanding PageWide and Edgeline Technology

From the Printware Blog on 18th March 2013 in Printing Technology, Resources

PageWide is a technology from HP which is based around inkjet technology in so far as it uses ink tanks and a printhead to fire the ink onto the paper.  It was developed from Edgeline technology, which uses a stationary printhead that spans the width of the page meaning that it can print incredibly fast.  


Understanding Liquid Gel Technology

From the Printware Blog on 18th March 2013 in Printing Technology, Resources

Ricoh invented GelJet (formerly GelSprinter) technology, which is a hybrid between laser and inkjet printers offering a balance between print speed and image quality at an affordable price in a business environment. Gelsprinters use viscous Gel instead of ink, which dries instantly, is UV proof and Waterproof.  Due to this technology, high speed printing is ensured even in duplex mode. Speeds are up to 30 pages per minute for both colour and black and white.


Understanding Dot Matrix Technology

From the Printware Blog on 18th March 2013 in Printing Technology, Resources

Dot matrix printers, also known as line printers, are generally used in more industrial or stores environments where quality isn't necessarily top of the agenda. They are by far the most robust of printers and are able to print on multi-part or carbon copy stationery using pre-printed "tractor-feed" paper. This technology is typically very noisy although sound dampening cabinets are available for office installations.


Understanding Laser Technology

From the Printware Blog on 15th March 2013 in Printing Technology, Resources

A laser (or LED) printer is a very versatile machine that is suitable for both home and office use. Text is always razor sharp and images are clean. Photo quality can be an issue at the lower end of the price bracket although even the most expensive laser can not compete with a decent inkjet for photo quality printing. Laser printers generally enjoy the lowest running costs although it may be worth considering an inkjet for light use.


Understanding Inkjet Technology

From the Printware Blog on 15th March 2013 in Printing Technology, Resources

Inkjet printers have traditionally been favoured by home users for their low purchase price and by photographers and the graphics industry for their high image quality. Although usually more expensive to run than laser printers, there is a growing number of business-orientated inkjet printers available which can offer a lower cost per page than a laser printer. Lower energy consumption also makes inkjet printers an attractive proposition but they still lack the durability of laser printers when it comes to high volume printing.


Saving the World with Xerox Solid Ink

From the Printware Blog on 11th February 2013 in Printing Technology, Environment

Solid ink technology has been around for a long time, with the first solid ink printer going on sale in 1991. If you’ve only ever owned a laser printer you’re missing an opportunity to drastically reduce your printing costs and your carbon emissions.


Epson Now Has 105 AirPrint Compatible Printers

From the Printware Blog on 29th January 2013 in Printing Technology, Software, News

Epson has just announced that 105 of its printers will support Apple AirPrint worldwide. As Apple announces increased sales of the iPhone and iPad for the last quarter, compatibility with iOS devices is an important consideration for other manufacturers.


WiFi and Cloud Printing with Xerox

From the Printware Blog on 16th January 2013 in Printing Technology

For the first time in 2012, mobile devices overtook desktop devices as the most common way to access the internet. This shift affects the way we print, too, and there is pressure on businesses to provide dynamic print solutions that can keep up. Making it easy for your employees, or customers, to print wherever and whenever they need to can give you a competitive edge. In short, you need to go mobile.


HP Launches LaserJet Pro Printer with Own WiFi Hotspot

From the Printware Blog on 10th December 2012 in News, Printing Technology, New Products

Are there enough Wi-Fi hotspots in your home or office? Do you find yourself trying to print wirelessly only for your connection to keep dropping out? If so, HP’s new Hotspot LaserJet Pro could be just what you need.


Inkjet is the New Laser

From the Printware Blog on 5th December 2012 in New Products, Printing Technology

It was once thought that inkjet printers are no good for business use – they're slow, unreliable, expensive to run and can’t handle large print volumes. If you want to buy a printer for your office, you need a laser. Except you don't.


New HP Inkjet Will Print at 70 Pages Per Minute

From the Printware Blog on 30th November 2012 in News, Printing Technology

The inkjet is dead, long live the inkjet! You'd be forgiven for thinking that the inkjet printer has had its day with high-profile names like Kodak and Lexmark pulling out of this sector. Not a bit of it. The Epson WorkForce Pro series is already a genuine alternative to laser printers and HP is about to launch a new OfficeJet range that will blow most lasers clean out of the water.


Printing Books on Demand with the Espresso

From the Printware Blog on 19th November 2012 in Printing Technology

Picture the scenario – you want to write a book but using a publisher takes too long and you want to retain control of your work so you self-publish. Once it's been written, your readers can go into a book shop, order a coffee, and have a copy your book printed by the time they've finished. That'd be pretty amazing and it's already a reality.


Print Your Facebook Photos With Kodak Kiosk

From the Printware Blog on 14th September 2012 in Printing Technology, Fun Stuff

The world of print and imaging is and has been changing for some time. Kodak has famously been rather slow to react and is still counting the cost. However, the company which brought photography to the masses is not dead yet and is trying to re-establish itself as an innovative market leader. Could embracing social media be the answer?


Kyocera Develops Fastest Ever Printhead

From the Printware Blog on 15th August 2012 in Printing Technology

Kyocera has announced the development of a new inkjet printhead which can print at a staggering 152 metres per minute, making it the world's fastest. The new printhead should be available within a year and is set to have a huge impact on the commercial printing industry.


Colour Printing Achieves Maximum Possible Resolution

From the Printware Blog on 14th August 2012 in Printing Technology

Scientists in Singapore have developed a process for printing colour images at the highest possible resolution, around 100,000 dots per inch, using microscopic discs of silver and gold. It's hoped the technique can be developed commercially and used for optical data storage, encrypting information or printing tiny watermarks.


Landa Launches Second Digital Printing Revolution With Nanotech Presses

From the Printware Blog on 11th May 2012 in Printing Technology

Benny Landa, the man who founded Indigo and started the digital printing revolution appears to have done it again with new technology which he calls nanography. The new technology combines the versatility of digital printing with the productivity and cost-per-page of offset.


Reverse Printer Unprints Pages

From the Printware Blog on 22nd March 2012 in Printing Technology

Technology is a funny thing – an idea can be around for years, going quietly unnoticed, popping up every now and then before it's promptly forgotten again. 3D printing has recently had a new lease of life and now, it seems, erasable laser printing is making a comeback.


Toshiba Announces Printer Which Uses Erasable Toner

From the Printware Blog on 9th March 2012 in Printing Technology

The idea of producing reusable printed material isn't a new one – manufacturers have been experimenting with the concept on and off for years. A number of systems have been developed over the years but none of them has proven successful. However the launch of Toshiba's new FriXion Ball printer may be about to change all that.


Printware Looks at Changes in Printing for 2012

From the Printware Blog on 17th January 2012 in News, Printing Technology

2011 saw a great deal of change in the world of technology and, perhaps more importantly, in the way we use that technology. Social media and the mobile internet are where everything is happening at the moment so, in the face of these exciting developments, what can the humble, not-very-interesting, printer do to keep up in 2012?


Keep Your Head in the Cloud

Not so long ago, a cloud was a fluffy white thing in the sky or, depending on where you live, a great big black thing in the sky with rain coming out of it. However, we live in a world of rapidly evolving technology where it seems to be easier to invent things than make up new words. So now, apparently, a cloud is something to do with computers and you can use one to print things.


Weird and Wonderful Printers

From the Printware Blog on 12th February 2010 in Fun Stuff, Printing Technology

It’s Friday afternoon, the sun is shining and, lets face it, we’d all rather be sat by the beach with a nice, cold drink. So, for a bit of light relief, we thought we’d take a look at some of the more unusual products on offer in the world of print.


Worlds First Zero Ink 6x4 Photo Printer Announced

From the Printware Blog on 15th December 2009 in Printing Technology, Fun Stuff

If you've ever wanted to print 6x4 photos on the go without the need for ink cartridges or a PC - good news! The Pandigital Portable Photo Printer lets you do just that and it's coming soon. The new printer will be widely available early in 2010 and promises to make photo printing, easier, quicker and more fun.


New HP Photosmart Lets You Print from your iPhone PDA or PS3

From the Printware Blog on 27th November 2009 in New Products, Printing Technology, Software

Have you ever wanted to print a screen grab from you Playstation 3 but couldn’t? Even if you haven’t we bet you’re now thinking “Hmmm. That’d be good – how do I do that?” Well, HP’s new Photosmart Premium will let you do just that and print from your iPhone or PDA too.


Worlds First Metallic and White Ink Printer Unveiled

From the Printware Blog on 12th November 2009 in Printing Technology

Every now and then we get a call from a customer asking if they can get hold of white ink and we tell them as nicely as possible that, of course, there is no such thing. At least, until now.


HP Introduces World's First Web-connected Home Printer

From the Printware Blog on 24th June 2009 in New Products, Printing Technology

HP has unveiled the Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web, the first home printer in the world to print directly from the web. HP's TouchSmart technology uses a large touch screen to browse web pages and launch a range of applications for printing daily news, maps, coupons and more. The apps are pre-loaded on to the printer and it is possible to download additional apps from the HP Apps Studio, according to what you want to do.

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