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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a burning question? Chances are someone might have asked the same question before. Here is a collection of frequently asked questions just click the relevant question and you will be directed to the answer.
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If you don't see your question answered here submit your question to us and we will answer it as soon as possible.

Q: What is the difference between an Inkjet Printer and a Laser Printer?
A: There are in fact many more types of printers than just inkjet and laser including dot matrix, solid ink and LED printers. To understand each type of technology you should refer to our Resources page here and select the type of printer you would like to know more about.
Or as an Alternative you can call one of our printer specialists in our office on 03300 586364.
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Q: How do you do a duplex print?
A: To print a duplex document you need to select to 'print on both sides' or 'duplex print' within the print menu on you computer when you send a print job to the printer.
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Q: Should I use original or compatible consumables in my printer?
A: We have a complete guide on Compatible Toners here but in summary; Compatible inks and toners are a sensible option for everyday use and we use them in our own "general" printers for internal documents. However, original cartridges are the better option when colours need to be accurate and quality is paramount. For this reason, we always use originals in our demo machines and for any external documents.
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Q: Do I need to update the drivers on my computer when I buy a new printer?
A: When you buy a printer we recommend downloading the most up-to-date driver from the printer manufacturer's website. If your printer isn't working properly, it's also worth checking to see if there's a more recent driver to get it up and running again.
To help you find the most up to date driver see our blog article that helps you find the printer drivers and software downloads that you need.
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Q: Are warranties worth the money you pay for them?
A: We like to think of warranties like the roadside assistant in the printer world, if you break down we will come to you and get you back up and running. The extra advantage is that any replacement parts you need are included in your cover so no additional costs are involved.
All new printers come with a standard one year warranty and this can be extended up to three years at the point of purchase or an additional one year warranty can be purchased at a later date.
If you are interested in covering your machine with a warranty you can call us to discuss the details but in answer to this question, having the peace of mind that if something goes wrong you are protected makes warranties worth the money you pay for them.
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Q: What is the latest time I can order to have delivery next working day?
A: You can order the products up until 4.00pm and receive them the next working day as long as they are in stock.
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Q: Why choose a managed print solution?
A: With our extensive knowledge of printing we are here to assist you in your search for better and more cost-efficient print solutions.
To find out more about Managed Print Solutions speak to one of our sales team: 03300 586364.
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Q: What should I do if my printer stops working?
A: There are many ways to get your printer back up and running. If your printer is less than one year old you probably have a valid manufactures warranty. If this is the case you can call the manufacturer directly and discuss the issue you are having. If they cannot fix the problem on the phone they are likely to either send an engineer onsite to attempt to fix the printer, or provide you with a returns reference to organise a replacement. This is the easiest and most cost effective solution to fixing your printer.

If this is not an option and your printer is out of warranty, our advice is to weigh up the cost of a repair compared to the cost of a new printer. We offer repairs on Laser printers and can advise on any new replacement. To find the most up to date information and pricing please call us on 03300 586364.
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Q: What kind of cable do I need for my printer?
A: Printers will come with different connection options and you should check these before buying a printer to make sure you are getting the right model for you. The most popular connections are:
USB - This is a standard connection with all printers. Your new printer will not have a USB cable in the box but you can use the USB cable from your old printer.
Network - This is a connection to your network/internet router and makes it possible for many devices to connect to the printer. This type of connection requires an Ethernet cable.
Wireless - This connection speaks for itself. You will need a wireless network/internet router and your device will need to have wireless capabilities to be able to print without cables.
Google Cloud Print - If you have a google cloud account you can print documents directly from your google cloud account.
Apple Airprint - If you have an Apple device you can print directly from that to your printer.
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Q: What should I do with my empty toner cartridge?
A: We offer a free collection of your old toners. All you need to do is call us to arrange a free collection box to be sent to you. Once you receive it you can put all your empty consumables in it, and when it is full, you call the number on the box to arrange a collection date that is convenient for you. To understand more about how to recycle you printers and toners, take a look at our environmental blog posts.
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Q: How do I calculate the cost of ownership/cost per page?
A: The cost of ownership is one of the most overlooked factors when buying a printer. It's highly recommended that you take it into consideration when you make a printer purchase.

To calculate cost of ownership, you need three things:
1. The cost of your ink cartridge/toner cartridge
2. The cost of your paper (per sheet)
3. The number of pages you can print on average from a cartridge (often available on our website)
Once you have these factors, take the cost of the cartridge, and divide this by the average yield of the cartridge. This is the cost per page for that cartridge. Add this number to the price of a sheet of paper to get your cost of ownership. You will usually find that paying a bit more for a printer in the beginning will save you more in the long run on your printing costs.

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Q: What do the letters next to the printer model stand for?
A: Some printers may have one or more letters after the model name to indicate printer features
All Manufactures use the following letters:

  • D - Duplex (Duplex printing (two-sided printing) accomplished by means of an extra optional duplex unit or a pre-installed internal duplex unit based on the product.)
  • F - Either; Fax or finisher/stapler unit
  • N - Network
  • T - Additional tray (The additional tray may be part of a drawer.)
  • W - Wireless
  • H - Hard Disk

You may find various combinations of the above for different makes and models

There are some unique exceptions for specific brands

Lexmark Unique Acronym Meaning

  • e - e-Task (electronic task) touch-screen interface (this is found mainly on Lexmark Printers, other devices will have touchscreen interface but not add a notation at the end of the model name)
  • h - high-capacity drawer
  • m - mailbox
  • tt - tandem tray module
  • nl - network light model
  • ni - network and ImageQuick

HP Unique Acronym Meaning

  • xm - Duplex, Extra tray, Network and Mailbox
  • b - Battery
  • bt - Bluetooth
  • bm - Book Maker
  • X - Duplex, Extra Tray and Network (Formerly dtn)
  • xh - Duplex, Extra Tray, Network and Hard Disk
  • xs - Duplex, Extra Tray, Network and Stacker
  • xsk - Duplex, extra tray, network and stapler/stacker

If you have found any that are not listed above please send us a message.

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