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Samsung CLX 3175 Multifunction Printer

Samsung CLX 3175FN Printer  
  • A4 Colour Multifunction Printer
  • Copier, Scanner
  • 4ppm Colour Print Speed
  • 16ppm Mono Print Speed
  • 2400x600 dpi Effective Output Resolution
  • 128MB Memory
  • 150 Sheet Input Tray
  • 15 Sheet Automatic Document Feeder (FN & FW Only)
  • Networked (Except Base Model)
  • USB

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Samsung CLX 3175FN Model Variations

CLX-3175 Networking Fax ADF WiFi


No No No No


Yes No No No


Yes Yes Yes No


Yes Yes Yes Yes

Samsung CLX-3175 Series Printers

Compare Model Part No Price
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Samsung CLX-3175

CLX-3175/XEU Call for advice0333 566 8123

Samsung CLX-3175N

CLX-3175N/XEU Call for advice0333 566 8123

Samsung CLX-3175FN

CLX-3175FN/XEU Call for advice0333 566 8123

Samsung CLX-3175FW

CLX-3175FW/XEU Call for advice0333 566 8123

Samsung CLX 3175 Multifunction Printer

One of the best budget colour laser multifunction printers the Samsung CLX 3175 is also one of the smallest. Even though it's low cost the CLX 3175 has a 1,200 x 1,200 dpi scanner which is excellent. The CLX 3175FN and CLX-3175FW has a fax machine built in and a 15 sheet automatic document feeder making it easy to scan, copy or fax multipage documents.

The control panel is well designed, it includes a four way jog dial which allow you to navigate the printers menu system which is displayed on a LCD screen. The Samsung CLX 3175 series is one of the only low cost multifunction lasers that offers a wireless model as standard.

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Samsung CLX 3175 Multifunction Printer Running Costs

The cost per copy is generated using all consumables, not just the toners and is based on our current sell prices. In the case of the colour printers we have split the coverage between all colours.

Cost Per Page
5% 6.14 pence
15% 16.34 pence
20% 21.43 pence
40% 41.83 pence
90% 92.82 pence

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Samsung CLX 3175 Multifunction Printer Reviews and Questions

rate_06.gif 3 stars   Write a review  Ask a Question

Review a nice piece of kit
  • Review by:
  • norman gould
  • Customer rating:
  • rate_09.gif
  •  4.5 stars

Getting it to print over wifi a bit problematic

Review Samsung CLX-3175FW
  • Review by:
  • Nigel Riley
  • Customer rating:
  • rate_07.gif
  •  3.5 stars

Very pleased with the purchase overall. It stays connected & available all the time (unlike my last very poor & cheap wireless setup I had) & the power save mode is good as it wakes easily & goes back to sleep between prints efficiently. I often print or need to scan images in from various WIRELESS computers via my router, from around the home (Desktops or Laptops) this printer copes with all of this amicably. The copying and Scanning features are very good & of good & high quality & easy to use, although I have to admit to not yet reading the manual fully, although Iíve had this printer for nearly 6 months now, mainly due to it being pretty easy to work in the 1st place & the time needed to understand every last possible setup feature. The latest software & drivers I downloaded from the Samsung website on install & the USER interface & friendliness of the software is very intuitive & easy to configure & use. I did change the Graphics setting on the printer properties page to DRAFT & GRAYSCALE as hardly do much COLOUR photo printing & this saves on colour toner & increases the print speed & the quality is still very good. The only small & not so significant negative points, if I was going to name any are below. WIFI: Setup on WiFi not so easy as need to use the 0-9 keypad if entering a 16digit HEX WiFi Code twice & it doesnít always connect after that. Although eventually got it on WiFi on initial install via the printer on screen Wizard Setup & the old CD software that it arrived with, I eventually decided to Cable it up via a Ďswitchí on Ethernet from my router. (Did reset the Connection last week which I now wish I had not done as I think I did not need to, due to a new router only to then find no option to turn the WiFi off again-eventually again resolved by reloading PC drivers on one computer only & going through the WEB page-printer diagnostics WiFi set up for it to then mysteriously switch the Wifi off once completed-no doubt as it only then recognised Iíd got it hard wired up via an Ethernet cable). If WiFI is ENABLED on the printer (BLUE WiFi light on the machine) but not used-the printer sends a Ďnon securedí & available name of ďairprtthruĒ for any available wireless connections- this is apparently the SAMSUNG printer WiFi, letting all know itís ready for connection? (Hence another reason for me for wanting to disable the WiFi as not used.) Paper Tray: not really big enough. Although this may be of only minor irritation, I am finding given its now the main printing machine in the house I need to keep a Box/Packet of sheets close by to refill once a week or once every 2 weeks. Economy paper is great & it actually specifically says NOT to use GLOSSY photo paper although Iíve not fully read or understood the reason why-it maybe due to it being a LASER printer?. Black Toner Low: Iíve had this printer for 4 months now & Iím now getting the TONER LOW warning on the printer & a RED light on the printer although I would not say itís getting heavy usage. I had a much older SAMSUNG laser printer before this called ML1210 for 5 years+ & it hardly ever asked for TONER, at least not half as quick as this new printer is now seems to be asking for toner... There are ways to refill these TONERS that are not SAMSUNG approved via a GOOGLE/ebay search without having to buy a new cartridge, although the new CHIP in these TONER cartridges-the machine still wants a NEW cartridge & there is no was to disable the LOW TONER warning or RED light on top of the machine...although itís still printing beautifully. I also notice there are now ELECTRONIC methods to Ďfool/resetí the printers/cartridge CHIP on these models-I may eventually try this but as the printer itís not yet out of its warranty I do not wish to chance damaging it via a cheap bit of dodgy electronics that would I think need manually soldering into the machine! DUPLEX PRINTING: I was hoping this would be a FULL DUPLEX printer, but it is not. So you need to reefed sheets if you want double sided copies. Not a big problem especially given the greater price of FULL duplex printers in comparison to this model. Sending FAXES by email or just sending faxes of scanning to Fax or Email is OK but not brilliant. If sending via email, again, similar to the WiFi code setup above it can be very frustrating having to enter the email address on the 0-9 keypad, & I do not think itís possible to save the email via an address book? There may be a way round this by doing it on the computer but have not tried yet to be honest. Summary: I would recommend this printer, although would stop short of recommending it for a large, heavy use office environment. I think this machine is a very good Ďall rounderí home/small business machine at a very competitive price for the features you get for your money & it looks good in black & is not so noticeable & is very quiet, especially given that itís also sat in my home in a domestic environment.

Review Samsung CLX 3175
  • Review by:
  • Robert Coles
  • Customer rating:
  • rate_01.gif
  •  Half a star

This purchase was a huge mistake. The toners ran out so quickly you wouldn't believe, and they are outrageously expensive. Also I had to feed anything over 100gsm one sheet at a time to avoid miss-feeds. I stuck it for about three months and got rid of it at a huge loss, but doing so has saved me money in the long term because it was so expensive to run. I can honestly say that this was the worst purchase that I ever made, and Samsung is a name that I will be sure to avoid in the future.

Review Disappointed
  • Review by:
  • David Foster
  • Customer rating:
  • rate_05.gif
  •  2.5 stars

The quality of the printing is good. However, I have found it impossible to set it up to connect wirelessly to my PC - and have in fact simply given up on this aspect. I was also surprised at the short life of the toner cartridges; maybe the capacity of the initial ones is relatively small. I had hoped to save running costs over an ink-jet printer

Review Excellent quality printing & good value too.
  • Review by:
  • A Customer
  • Customer rating:
  • rate_10.gif
  •  5 stars

Very happy with our choice of printer. We were looking for compact design, with quick, quiet and sharp printing, the Samsung fulfills all of these.

Review Samsung CLX-3175FW Laser Printer
  • Review by:
  • Mr A Seston
  • Customer rating:
  • rate_08.gif
  •  4 stars

This product does all it says. Its wireless capability is exellent for my needs. Good compact size and multi functions which are good to use. Would like paper tray to hold more sheets but this is only a minor detail. All in all good quality and value for money

  • Review by:
  • rob
  • Customer rating:
  • rate_08.gif
  •  4 stars

love the printer, it never seems to go wrong. i will never buy another inkjet printer again.

Review OK Printer with Limitations
  • Review by:
  • Jeff Dean
  • Customer rating:
  • rate_06.gif
  •  3 stars

I bought this printer to replace an aged OKI that I thought needed replacing - this printer has many printer which you would expect from a MFP but the overall specification on the printing side is reduced. My biggest annoyance was that the maximum paper weight is 165gm which means you can't print on card although the sales spec says you can. There is no Manual Paper Feed - my fault for not checking first. I found the wireless difficult to set up. Not a bad MFP but does not martch the performance of printer only solutions.

Our Comment:

We've looked in to this issue with the paper weight and it seems that the term "cardstock" refers to "paper stock that is thicker and more durable than normal writing or printing paper, but thinner and more flexible than other forms of paperboard" - it's pretty vague really. The industry-accepted weight range for this cardstock is between 135gsm and 300gsm. Samsung state that the maximum paper weight that should be used on the CLX-3175 is 163gsm, although technically within the weigh range for cardstock, we too feel that this could be a bit clearer so we've passed your comments on to Samsung.

Thanks for taking the time to write a review on your new all-in-one.

Review Cardstock issue.
  • Review by:
  • Maggie D.
  • Customer rating:
  • rate_02.gif
  •  1 star

My husband bought me this printer as I make my own greetings cards. However,although I am very pleased with the sharp results on paper I too needed one that would print on card and as I have now discovered EVEN THOUGH ADVERTISED BY SAMSUNG THAT IT DOES, IT DOES NOT!!!!!Very dissapointed!!!!Samsung need to amend their advertising,IMMEDIATELY before anyone else wastes their money.

Review Fine - but two-sided printing no go on a Mac
  • Review by:
  • Mike
  • Customer rating:
  • rate_05.gif
  •  2.5 stars

It is a great machine, but where you can select two-sided printing on a PC, this is greyed out and not possible with a Mac. And that is not good.

rate_06.gif 3 stars   Write a review  Ask a Question

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