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OKI ML280 Dot Matrix Printer

OKI ML280 Printer  
  • DC Version (Elite models)
  • 9 Pin, 80 Columns
  • 375 cps Print Speed (Elite models)
  • 300 cps Print Speed (non Elite)
  • 4 Multi-Part forms
  • Parallel (Parallel models)
  • Serial (Serial models)
  • USB (Elite models)

Compare Model Part No Stock Price Qty
OKI ML 280 Parallel, Dot Matrix Printer

ML280 Elite A4 Dot Matrix Printer

01138603 0 Call for price0333 566 8123
OKI ML 280 Serial, Dot Matrix Printer

ML280 Serial

01138607 0 Call for price0333 566 8123
OKI ML 280 Elite Parallel, Dot Matrix Printer

ML280p Elite Parallel DC

01138610 0 Call for price0333 566 8123
OKI ML 280 Elite Serial, Dot Matrix Printer

ML280p Elite Serial DC

01138615 0 Call for price0333 566 8123

OKI ML280 Model Variations

OKI ML280 DC or AC Print Speed Parallel Serial USB

OKI ML280 Parallel

AC 300cps Yes Optional No

OKI ML280 Serial

AC 300cps No Yes No

OKI ML 280p Elite Parallel

DC 375cps Yes Optional Yes

OKI ML 280p Elite Serial

DC 375cps No Yes Yes

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OKI ML280 Dot Matrix Printer

The reliable and affordable printer for industrial and point of sale applications. As the entry level printer in the OKI 9-pin dot matrix range, the ML280 is fast and robust, yet compact and light. A true demand document printer with bottom feed and short tear, its special size makes it ideal for customer service environments and industrial workstation applications

ML 280 main features

  • Compact 80 column dot matrix printer
  • OKI's unique, high durability 9-pin print head
  • Multi-part continuous forms handling (original + 3 copies)
  • Up to 375 (Elite) / 300 (non Elite) characters per second print speed
  • Ideal for data logging, label printing and point of sale use
  • Suited to harsh environments
  • DC version also available for remote or mobile use

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OKI ML280 Dot Matrix Printer Running Costs

The cost per copy is generated using all consumables, not just the toners and is based on our current sell prices. In the case of the colour printers we have split the coverage between all colours.

Cost Per Page
5% pence
15% pence
20% pence
40% pence
90% pence

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