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Xante Ilumina Colour Printer

  • A3 Colour LED Printer
  • 36ppm Colour
  • 40ppm Mono
  • 1200x600dpi Resolution
  • 512MB (standard) / 1GB (Pro) Memory
  • 427gsm Paper Support
  • 230 Sheet Multipurpose Tray
  • 530 Sheet Input Tray
  • Duplex Unit
  • Adobe PostScript 3
  • Networked
  • Parallel
  • USB

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Xante Ilumina

500-100796 Call for advice0333 566 8123

Xante Ilumina Pro

500-100796-PRO Call for advice0333 566 8123

Xante Ilumina Colour Printer

The Xante Ilumina A3 Colour LED Printer Handles a wide range of paper weights from 75 g/m² to 427 g/m². The Ilumina runs all types of jobs from premium 4-color business cards, postcards, direct mail pieces, brochures, to in-store signage. Every job prints with spectacular color, and the straight paper path ensures all the heavy sheets are flat and easily finished.

Productivity - Built to run like a press, the Xante Ilumina A3 Colour Printer produces 2,000 letter (A4) sheets at 4/0 and 1,000 letter (A4) sheets at 4/4 per hour. You obtain maximum productivity with minimum investment.

Multi-Paper Feed - Has multi paper feed capabilities that allow for a total input capacity of 2,880 sheets. With minimal set-up time, the Xante Ilumina Printer can be configured for up to 6 different paper sizes and weights to handle a wide array of print jobs.

Adobe PostScript 3 - At the core of the Ilumina Digital Color Press is the Adobe PostScript 3 internal RIP. This easy-to-use RIP takes any job, from a Mac or PC, and captures all of the image data to ensure the best quality print.

Multi-bit Colour - The Xante Ilumina A3 Printer uses multi-bit colour to ensure spectacular color quality. This approach to color printing creates 32 shades (levels) for every process color. With multi-bit color every detail is captured in vivid color.

Zero Make-Ready - True “on-demand” color printing solution. The first sheet off the Xante Ilumina is sellable with zero make-ready. Print out only the amount needed and control your job costs. The setup and production time for a 4-color short run job is unbeatable.

Single Pass Imaging - Equipped with single pass imaging to benefit your overall workflow. Each process color imaging head works in tandem to transfer the image directly to the sheet in one pass, just like a 4 color traditional press.

Automatic Colour Calibration - Built-in colour densitometer to check the ink density while the job is running. This continuously monitors image quality and will make the required adjustments to consistently produce high quality output. You will get incredible colour consistency from your first print to your last print, and no surprises on repeat print jobs.

Colour Management - Comes standard with colour management controls. The print driver provides an easy path to control colour through ink simulations, colour matching modes, and colour profiles. Also included is ColourMatch 2 software which offers more in-depth control over monitor, scanner, source and destination colour profiles.

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Xante Ilumina Colour Printer Running Costs

The cost per copy is generated using all consumables, not just the toners and is based on our current sell prices. In the case of the colour printers we have split the coverage between all colours.

Cost Per Page
5% pence
15% pence
20% pence
40% pence
90% pence

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