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Ricoh PJ WX4141NI Ultra Short Throw Projector

Ricoh PJ WX4141NI Ultra Short Throw Projector  
  • Single Chip DLP
  • 1280 x 800 WXGA Resolution
  • 3,300 Lumens
  • Contrast Ratio 5,000:1
  • 48"- 80" Projection Screen Size
  • Projection Distance 11.7 - 24.9 cm
  • Lamp Life 3,500 hours (Standard - 250W, 5,000 hours (Eco - 150W)
  • RJ-45 LAN Connectivity
  • DLNA Compatible
  • Wired and Wireless Connectivity
  • Remote Sharing with Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard (and other interactive Ricoh projector)
  • Interactivity Built-in
  • 2W Mono Built In Speaker
  • Includes Digital Pen
  • Comes with 3 Year Warranty

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Ricoh PJ WX4141NI Ultra Short Throw Projector

Ricoh PJ WX4141NI Ultra Short Throw Projector

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Ricoh PJ WX4141NI Ultra Short Throw Projector

Ricoh PJ WX4141NI

Interactivity is built-in to the innovative PJ WX4141NI ultra-short throw projector so it can link to Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard and interactive Ricoh projectors in remote offices for enterprise-wide collaboration. Although compact and portable, this ultra short throw WXGA projector can be placed just centimetres from a screen and still display vivid multimedia images up to 80 inches in size. The upright design and wireless operation, ultra short throw and portability eliminates the constraints of conventional tabletop projectors such as on-screen shadows and lamp glare.

Built-in interactivity for enhanced learning and collaboration.

The Ricoh PJ WX4141NI lets you add notes and drawings to projected images. Interactivity is fully integrated so there is no need for calibration or additional purchases. The ability to link the projector to Ricoh interactive whiteboards and projectors in different sites aids remote learning and decision-making in dispersed teams.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic power on/off allows advance scheduling of device turn-off times
  • Ricoh Smart Presenter function can share PDF documents with up to 10 iPads
  • Bright 3300 lumens output
  • Built-in speaker

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