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Genee G-Touch Slim Deluxe 80 Inch Interactive Touchscreen with Android

Genee World 80 Inch Interactive Touchscreen With Android  
  • Genee World 80 Inch Interactive Whiteboard
  • Android OS Pre-Installed
  • 80" Screen Size
  • 1771.2 by 996.3mm Display Area
  • 1920 x 1080 Pixel High Definition
  • 2x 15W Speakers
  • 50,000 Hour Life
  • 10-point Touch
  • Commercial Panel for Daily Use
  • Anti-glare/Anti-friction Surface
  • Infrared Touchscreen Technology
  • Built-in Front Facing Speakers
  • Integrated PC Options Available
  • Huge Range of Compatible Software
  • Supports Wifi Printing

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Genee World 80 Inch Interactive Touchscreen With Android

Genee G-Touch Slim Deluxe 80 Inch Interactive Touchscreen with Android

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Genee G-Touch Slim Deluxe 80 Inch Interactive Touchscreen with Android

High Definition Touchscreen Display

The G-Touch Classroom range of Touchscreens provide teachers with the latest interactive touchscreen technology and are designed to empower presentations and lessons.
10-point touch technology means that students are able to interact directly on the screen at the same time, allowing them to take part multi-user tasks at the front of the classroom.
All G-Touch screens come with anti-glare surfaces which eliminates the need to switch off lights or draw the curtains, unlike traditional interactive whiteboards and projectors.

Built in PC Options

Add a purpose built PC (i3, i5 or i7) utilising a simple 'slide-in' OPS slot. Once in situ, both the PC unit and touchscreen are controlled by a single power switch at the front of the screen.
The OPS slot (open pluggable specification) enables users to upgrade their touchscreen, and help to future-proof their investment. Genee PC units are also interchangeable with other G-Touch devices.

Huge range of Connectivity

An enormous range of connectivity enabling users to connect computers, visualisers, cameras and other third-party devices directly to the screen and then switch freely between different video sources. Using the multimedia USB port, you can play images, music, movies and text files without the need to have a PC.

Tough and Enduring

G-Touch screens are built to last and benefit from the most robust commercial grade panels available.
Designed specifically for constant use with a screen life of 50,000 hours, at 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, means you can expect a life-span of over 15 years. The nifty Economy Mode means you can increase life expectancy up to 80,000 hours, while reducing running costs.
4mm toughened glass protects the screen from all kinds of objects, ensuring that no damage or ripple-effects can occur. The 5 year UK Genee Warranty also provides you with the assurance that your investment will last.

Complete Classroom Software

Every G-Touch touchscreen within the Classroom Range is supplied with Genee's unique Classroom Software including LEARN Infiniti Suite and Project Flow Classroom Management. Our software titles have been designed specifically with teachers in mind, and offer an enormous array of presentation opportunities.

  • SPARK Infiniti
    The ability to drag-and-drop invigorating lesson content such as video streams, websites, high resolution images and live classroom presentations via the Visualiser input, offer a wealth of lesson opportunities.
  • Genee Explorer
    Designed to work seamlessly with SPARK Infiniti, Genee Explorer, provides a databank of 12,000 bespoke animations and images, each designed for different subject areas, as part of a Secondary school's structure. Teachers have never had access to so many educational images and animations to use within lesson time.
  • ClassComm
    A bespoke assessment software toolfrom Genee that will run on any machine or platform. Designed to allow formative and summative assessment, it works with any of the Genee response handsets and Virtual G-Pad, by simply installing a receiver app on the local machine.
  • CubeShare
    A browser based, canvas sharing software product. It allows for collaboration amongst participants who can be in the same location or anywhere in the world.
  • Project Flow
    Project Flow makes it faster and easier to extend instructional content of all kinds in a multi-device learning environment. Using a cross-platform interface teachers can limit lesson interruption and preserve student focus.

To see a demonstration of some of the feautres of the SPARK Infinity Software, please view the video below:

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