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Cost Per Copy Calculator - HP 4700 Colour Laser Printer


The following examples are here to give you an understanding of the coverage figures that we have used. They have been analysed by a software application to give the area of paper that is covered with toner.

The cost per copy is generated using all consumables, not just the toners and is based on our current sell prices. In the case of colour printers we have split the coverage equally between all colours to give a more accurate overall cost.

Cost Per Page: HP 4700 Colour Laser Printer
cpp_samp5.jpg cpp_samp15.jpg cpp_samp20.jpg

Total Coverage: 5%

Cost Per Page: 2.37 pence

Total Coverage: 15%

Cost Per Page: 6.60 pence

Total Coverage: 20%

Cost Per Page: 8.71 pence

cpp_samp40.jpg cpp_samp90.jpg  

Total Coverage: 40%

Cost Per Page: 17.16 pence

Total Coverage: 90%

Cost Per Page: 38.29 pence


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