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Epson 1400 A3 Inkjet Printer

Epson Stylus Photo 1400, A3 Inkjet Printer  
  • A3 Colour Photo Inkjet Printer
  • 8x10 Inch Photo in 111Secs
  • 5760x1440dpi Resolution
  • Automatic sheet feeder
  • DVD/CD Printing
  • USB

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Epson Stylus Photo 1400, A3 Inkjet Printer

Epson Stylus Photo 1400

C11C655031 Call for advice 0333 566 8123

Epson 1400 A3 Inkjet Printer

This is the perfect printer for photo enthusiasts looking to combine superb print quality with excellent value. And for small and home offices it is a reliable tool for professional presentations. At last there’s a dye-based inkjet printer that can produce stunning 6-colour output that retains its beauty for years to come. Whether you’re a digital photo enthusiast who wants big, beautiful prints to hang on the wall, a graphic designer who needs presentation quality colour comps for clients in a hurry, or a business user who wants to produce cost-effective point-of-sale promotional materials in-house, the Stylus Photo 1400 offers the superb image quality and fade-resistance you’ve been waiting for.

Epson 1400 Benefits

  • High Quality, low cost printing with individual ink cartridges
  • Combine quality and durability with Epson Claria ink
  • Epson 6 colour printing – improved quality for photos, presentations and design applications.
  • CDR/DVD printing functionality
  • Print superb, borderless glossy photos up to A3+
  • Up to A3+ printing

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Epson 1400 A3 Inkjet Printer Reviews and Questions

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  • Question by:
  • Mr Smith

Please can you tell me, does the epson 1400 inkjet printer come with a printed manual.

Our Comment:

The Epson Stylus Photo 1400 comes with the full user manual in PDF format on a CD rather than a printed booklet - in fact it's quite rare for any printer or multi-function device to come with a printed manual in the box nowadays.

Additionally, both the manual and quick start guide are also available to download from the Epson website - you can find a link to the appropriate section of the Epson website in the Printer Drivers and Software Downloads area of our Resources section.

Thanks for your question.

Review Epson Stylus Photo 1400 review
  • Review by:
  • Henry Hyde
  • Customer rating:
  • rate_09.gif
  •  4.5 stars

I'm delighted with the Epson Stylus Photo 1400. The print quality is outstanding, and as with all Epson products, the software and drivers are easy to use and provide comprehensive options -- absolutely essential for a designer and publisher like me. I've been using the printer for all the usual office functions (letters, labels, envelopes, spreadsheets) as well as high-end InDesign, Photoshop and digital photography work, and the only criticism I can think of is that ink usage is pretty heavy, though having separate colour cartridges alleviates the cost somewhat and these days there are, of course, alternatives to the expensive Epson own-brand cartridges. Brilliant value for money, top notch results. Highly recommended.

Review faultless performance
  • Review by:
  • Tony Lawrence
  • Customer rating:
  • rate_08.gif
  •  4 stars

excellent consistent results, once you have found the appropriate settings and papers to get the best from the machine - the paper and ink do not need to be Epson's own brand to get the best from this printer (although archive quality longevity may not be then gauranteed)

  • Review by:
  • Bill
  • Customer rating:
  • rate_08.gif
  •  4 stars

printer is mainly used for producing black and white architectural drawings (A3) which it does with ease and quality rarely used for producing colour photos but when combined with photo quality paper results are stunning main complaint I have is that even thought printing in black and white it still appears to use the other colour cartridges the small capicity of the cartridges is also dissapointing

Review Epson 1400 review
  • Review by:
  • David Harmer
  • Customer rating:
  • rate_08.gif
  •  4 stars

I bought this printer specificvally because it produced A3 output. So far it has done all I wanted, and means that I have hardly used my other Epson A4 printers, except for some posters, tickets, flyers etc - not photographs - and then only because I have inks to use up. The 1400 will, eventually become my sole colour printer. The inks are EXPENSIVE though. and I notice that the cartridges are ONLY for this printer, and I wonder how long Epson will continue to manufacture for a "minority" product. Otherwise a great machine!

rate_08.gif 4 stars   Write a review  Ask a Question

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