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  • Secure printing
  • Store frequent jobs
  • Free-up your processor
  • Time print runs for quite times
  • Increase first page out time
  • Increase font capabilities
  • Monitor printer usage

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Further Info About Hard Disk Drives for Printers

Printer hard disks have a number of different uses. For secure printing you can send your print job to the printer but the job would not print until you have entered your unique personal identification number on the printer's control panel. The printer HDD can also store regularly printed jobs such as return-to-work forms, stationary request forms - anything that you would print on a regular basis - this allows you to select the file from the front panel of the printer and print it out while you wait. You can also use the printer hard disk drive to store regularly printed documents such as mail-shots so the printer would not need to download the complete file from your computer before it can start printing.

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