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BenQ RP653 65 inch Interactive Flat Panel Touch Screen

BenQ RP653 Interactive Flat Panel  
  • 65 inch Interactive Screen
  • Full HD resolution
  • 1920x1080 Pixel Resolution
  • Total Eye-Care Solution
  • Touch Driver-free for Windows
  • Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Up to 20-Point Multi-Touch
  • Front I/O Interface
  • Front Bezel Hotkey Design
  • Custom Android OS for the Classroom
  • LAN, WiFi
  • USB x 4, HDMI x 3, RS-232 x 1
  • 4mm Tempered Glass

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BenQ RP653 Interactive Flat Panel

BenQ RP653 65 inch Interactive Flat Panel

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BenQ RP653 65 inch Interactive Flat Panel Touch Screen

65" Interactive Flat Panel Display RP653

The RP653 can help you foster a learning environment that is fun, healthy and interactive. With a 65-inch germ-resistant AG+ Screen, coupled with proficient annotation tools, the RP653 is the very fitting interactive display for teaching in a small-to-medium-sized classroom. Formed with teacher-friendly design guaranteeing nearly no warm-up time, the RP653 is your ultimate partner to achieve a touch-enhanced, smooth and fun learning experience.

An Easy and Fun Annotation Solution

The RP653 allows you to capture and share ideas on the fly. The EZWrite 3.0 annotation app, powered with an array of cooperation and annotation tools, is specially designed to inspire your class interaction and participation. To instantly activate EZWrite 3.0, you can either tap the app on the screen, or simply tap your interactive flat panel's NFC sensor with the NFCPen and write your notes. This helps you maintain a smooth teaching flow, free from technical interruptions.

EZWrite 3.0: Inspire Learning and Participation with Ease

Pre-installed on the RP653 interactive flat panels, EZWrite 3.0 is the annotation app designed to facilitate interactive learning with pure simplicity.

Tap and Create

Students can immediately enjoy making notes with sorts of coloured pencils, highlighters, and backgrounds. To create notes, you can either tap the EZWrite 3.0 app and select tools, or simply tap the NFCPen on the RP653's NFC sensor to launch the app and start writing.

Floating Toolbar

EZWrite3.0's floating toolbar is compatible with any input source and Android application. The floating on-screen menu lets you immediately change pen colors and take screenshots to enhance class interaction whenever you need it.

Multi-Touch Interactivity

Multi-touch support makes the RP653 perfect for group activities and classroom games that motivate collaboration and communication.


Save annotations as images and share them as review material through a variety of methods, including QR code, USB, or display's internal memory.

Whiteboard Use

This app instantly turns the interactive flat panel into a full-size whiteboard for illustrating ideas, recording notes, brainstorming, and more.

Cooperation Tools

  • Timer
  • Buzzer
  • Draw Lots
  • Score Board
  • Team Post

Foster a Healthy and Effective Learning Environment

When it comes to effective learning environment, health matters. That's why the RP653's touchscreen comes with AG+ Screens and total Eye-care solution to curb bacterial build up, reduce blue light emissions, and relieve eye fatigue.

AG+ Screen

To protect students' vision, BenQ RP653 has armed with anti-glare surface to reduce screen reflections, providing students with more legible texts. In search of the upmost healthy learning environment, BenQ RP653 further introduces AG+ Screen to enhance anti-glare surface with germ-resistant performance. Every time a touch screen is swiped or tapped, it accumulates germs. The AG+ Screen is coated with the ionic silver (Ag+) agent which can kill most bacteria on contact by disrupting their cell division mechanism. This can effectively block the spread of bacteria in your classroom. To maintain antimicrobial efficacy, please frequently wipe your touch screen with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth moisturized with a neutral detergent.

TUV-Certified Low Blue Light Technology

Blue-light emissions from displays may cause adverse health effects such as macular degeneration or disrupted melatonin secretion. BenQ's Low Blue Light technology minimizes blue-light exposure and allows for healthier time spent in front of the display, helping you create the best and most comfortable viewing experience for you and your students.

Anti-Glare Display

Screen glare can cause reflected images on the screen, making it challenging for students to see, take notes, and remain focused. The RP653's anti-glare glass surface can effectively reduce reflections, freeing students from excessive squinting with more legible text and clearer images, avoiding eye strain and facilitating more effective instruction.

20-Point Multi-Touch Interactivity

The RP653's 20-point multi-touch support, the leading pioneer on the market, means more students can participate at once. Students can do everything from creating artwork to playing the piano together and other sorts of highly engaging activities.

1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution for Crisp Image

A stunning full HD image performance ensures sharp viewing clarity for subjects that require visual demonstration of detail-oriented images, such as Biology, Chemistry, and Fine Arts. The RP653's rich images will engross your students from the moment you turn it on.

Teacher Friendly Design

For uninterrupted teaching, BenQ has integrated several features into display's design for quick and easy access.

  • Magnetic Area - situated at the lower bezel of RP653, the magnetic area allows you to attach your NFCPen on display for easy storage.
  • NFC Sensor - the NFC sensor is located at the lower bezel of the RP653. Within a simple tap with NFCPen, you can instantly activate the EZWrite3.0 annotate app.
  • Hotkeys - for volume and input source control, as well as functions that help direct students' attention back to their teacher
  • Blank to darken the screen - freeze to pause the screen (available with remote control)
  • Multimedia I/O Interface - offering every port needed for teaching, from HDMI to touch USB, media USB, MHL ports, plus an earphone and microphone jack.
  • Instant Plug and Play - the RP653 can save you from the hassles of complicated setup. Just save your teaching materials to a USB flash drive and connect it to a PC, and then you're all set to deliver compelling IFP touch-enhanced lessons. Supported Operating System: Windows, iOS, Linux and Chrome OS

Wireless Content Streaming from Any Smart Device

By plugging in BenQ's QCast HDMI streaming dongle, you can stream digital contents from smart device to the screen. Your smart device can also remotely control the display of video, movie, document, and website. Other connection methods include Miracast mirror display, cloud streaming via DLNA, and local file display via Wi-Fi.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome, the RP653 is designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of computing devices. Just plug and play; no drivers are required to enable the touch functionality.

Custom Android Apps for the Classroom

The RP653 is installed with a custom Android OS that is loaded with useful apps for classroom instruction, from EZWrite to Media Player. This helps school minimize issues caused by the use of unauthorized apps.

Multiple Ports for Multiple Multimedia Device Connectivity

The RP653 comes with every port needed for teaching: HDMI, Touch USB, Media USB, OPS USB, plus an earphone and microphone jack.

Mainstream Interactive Educational Software Solution Compatibility

The RP653 is compatible with mainstream interactive educational software. Teachers can use the software tools they're familiar with while enjoying the best hardware experience from BenQ.

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