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Leasing makes a great deal of business sense

Leasing assists cash flow and leaves existing lines of borrowing unaffected. And since leased equipment is an expense rather than an asset, there are substantial tax advantages to be gained from financing IT infrastructure in this way. But perhaps most importantly, leasing allows businesses to upgrade on a regular basis, and pay for modernisation incrementally. Given the cost and importance of printers and copiers, and its rapid obsolescence, buying outright is becoming an increasingly redundant option.

Why Lease? What are the benefits?

  • Budgeting - allows users to operate their entire IT infrastructure for an agreed monthly fee that will remain constant for the duration of the agreement. If your systems requirements change, the fee can be reviewed to reflect either an upgrading or downgrading of your IT asset.
  • No assets - no depreciation just regular monthly expense.
  • Easy cost-centre management - enhances the management of your entire IT cost-centre by enabling you to manage, change, optimise the use of all your asset, keep costs to a minimum, and improve decision making processes.
  • Removes burden of disposal - gone are the days when worn out computers could be simply thrown away. Today companies must comply with a whole raft of regulations regarding the safe, environmentally friendly disposal of their IT assets. The logistical burden of disposal becomes our worry, not yours.
  • Reduces TCO - all of the above enable you to reduce the total cost of ownership of your IT structure.

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