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92% of employees want to work from home in some capacity

Home Printing solutions for remote workers

Given the recent transition from predominantly office-based to remote working, organisations have needed to adapt and introduce new technology to optimise their employee’s flexible working environment.

To help keep productivity high and make the transition easier we have developed a ‘Managed Ink Service’ which provides your flexible workers with a brand new HP printer alongside a reliable and on-demand ink service delivered straight to their door.

Benefits to your employees

  • Lightweight modern technology which is easily integrated into your current working environment
  • Users can benefit from a ‘Plug in and Play’ system whereby they’re up and running almost instantly
  • Home users are supported by our onboarding tech support team to get them up and running easily
  • Device usage and volumes are monitored daily for users to see an accurate and up to date status of their device
  • Automated replacement ink delivered to home addresses
Home office HP Printer

How does it work?

Our Remote Worker programme helps users to stay as productive as possible whilst working from home, with the latest print technology from HP combined with our Managed Ink Service, which automatically delivers ink straight to your door.

With the service being designed specifically for users who are based remotely and / or in small office spaces, our Managed Ink Service is a simple and cost-effective solution that enables users to print to an extremely high standard. Additional support with an HP Care Pack is also available meaning we’re there to assist you whenever you need it.

How can we help?

For more information on our Managed Print Services, send us some information and one of the team will be in touch.